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Web Site Map

This website and map are designed to be user friendly. Give us any comments or ideas you have.

  • Home Page: The Home page consists of one page, explaining our Chapter and some significant current events. The Pull down Menus on the site include About Us, Our Leadership, Our  Chapter, Member Information, News & Newsletters, Join Us, and a Blank Pull Down for future use.

  • About Us (You’re using it now): Includes a synopsis of  frequently asked Questions (FAQ’s), A short history of the Chapter, and this Site Map. Also included are links to the MOAA State Council  website and the National MOAA  website

  • Our Leadership: This pull down includes elected officer’s background, and a place to ask any question you have for answer by a Chapter Officer.

  • Our Chapter: Here you’ll find: the Chapter Calendar of Events, usually current for the next six months, The Chapter Activities within the Community and within the Chapter, and a special section of Memorials that families agree to place on the site.

  • Member Information: This pull-down menus contains Booster Club Members, and a complete and current Roster. The Roster is password-protected, so contact an Officer if you want to view/print the Roster.

  • News/Newsletters: This pull-down contains current year newsletters, an archive of past Newletters, and a section with News about the Chapter.

  • Join Us: In this section, you will find the form with information required to join the Chapter.

  • More: This section includes a general contact form to contact our Chapter.

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