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Chapter FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is National MOAA?

A. MOAA is a National Organization whose members are Active, Retired, and Former Officers of the US armed Forces, Public Health Service, and NOAA. Surviving Spouses are also a key element of our membership. MOAA is the nation’s largest and most influential association of military officers. We are a powerful force speaking for a strong national defense and representing the interests of military officers and their families at every stage of their careers.


Q. Why Should I Join National MOAA?

A. In addition to representing your interests before Congress, MOAA offers a wide range of personal and financial services exclusive to MOAA membership. Whatever the stage of your career, your MOAA membership delivers benefits geared specifically to you – and your family. From active-duty service through retirement, MOAA can help you make the most of your career as an officer.  The link to join National MOAA is on our homepage.


Q. What is the Local Broward County Chapter?

A. The Broward County Chapter is the means for executing MOAA’s mission in Broward County. We have two major activities: One involves the youth of our county through the JROTC Program. We are preserving the future of National Security through encouraging the education of coming generations. We have instituted a Scholarship Program in support of that interest. We also provide speakers and mentors as required. Two: We maintain a liaison effort with local, State and National elected officials to emphasize veteran’s issues and to preserve Veteran’s Benefits. We have monthly Luncheons and an Annual Business Meeting to continuously assess where we are. We have some fun activities, too.    


Q. Why should I join the Broward County Chapter?

A. This is how you can pitch in and do something in our community. Broward County and Florida are great places for veterans to live. Working with the Chapter, you can help make it better. 1) We award Medals to JROTC Cadets and assist in Community JROTC events. 2) Our other activities include support of local ROTC programs, and activities which benefit our local youth. 3) We coordinate with local and national government representatives to clarify and discuss Veterans benefits. The Chapter is truly the underpinning for the national MOAA mission and instrumental in its successful accomplishment. The link to join our Chapter is on or homepage, or in the pull down menu under “Join us.”


Q. Why are there two separate requirements for dues to join National MOAA and the Broward County Chapter? 

A. The organizational design for MOAA is such that each Chapter is independent. Therefore, we are responsible for our own operating costs and charitable expenditures. Each local Chapter is an independent legal and financial entity with its own By-Laws and Not-for Profit status. The Broward Chapter is a 501c (19) organization and donations are tax-deductible.


Q. I thought your organization was for retired officers?

A.  No. That was some years ago, but MOAA represents all officers and former officers. We also accept “Honorary Members” such as people who have the same goals as the Chapter and are willing to work in support of the Chapter’s mission.


Q. How do you accomplish your mission?

A. Our mission has two parts, as seen on our home page. First, Preserving National Security. We see the national security as best impacted by us through aiding the County JROTC and ROTC programs. They are the future. We have established a liaison with their leadership to understand their needs and where we can help.  For the second part of the mission, Preserving Veterans’ Benefits, we are working with Broward County to establish a Veteran’s support base. Through this entity,  a Veteran in need can quickly find assistance.  


Q. Are you doing any work with local politicians?

A. Yes. One of our most important functions is staying in touch with our local and national Congressmen and Senators to keep them informed of our views in support of accomplishing our mission.


Q. Is there a time commitment required to work within the Chapter?

A. No. We’re all volunteers giving of our time as available.


Q. How can I join this organization?

A. It’s easy. Use the pull down menu on the top right of our web pages (“Join Us”), or use the link in the lower right Home Page. Fill in the information and submit.

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